Alex Mollin - Coaching Philosophy

I feel that coaching is a privilege and that professional development is central to offering clients the best of myself and plays a significant role in the coach that I strive to become.  Every player is an individual and I feel that it is my responsibility to endeavor to understand their personal coaching needs and ensure that each player is at the heart of decisions.

I feel that the importance of golf in peoples lives at all levels of the game can not be underestimated, with the benefits stretching across the bio-psycho-social spectrum.  Every individual has come to the game for a different reason and I am keen to help achieve their goals, whatever they may be.  I understand that often this may seem like the smallest of achievements, but that it can mean everything.

At all levels, it is vital to build positive relationships with players and integral to that is good communication and trust.  I offer an inclusive and relaxed coaching environment, providing encouragement and humour to help put players at ease.  Ultimately I endeavour to promote progression, confidence and belief, while keeping the game fun.

I have learnt that being a coach stretches far beyond offering effective technical guidance, with a good coach able to demonstrate the flexibility to fulfil many roles.  I strive to develop myself so that I am able to adapt to meet these needs but are also enthusiastic to seek counsel from other coaches or experts where possible.

Fundamentally I am searching to identify every players critical flaw and address it through traditional simplicity while embracing technology and progressive thinking. 

To achieve the best, I strive to empower players and facilitate independence through understanding.  My aim is to incite the knowledge in players that can be used when playing the game away from the safety of the teaching environment and away from the coach.

I believe that a coach should be a positive role model and someone that represents the qualities that a player can aspire to.  I aim to engage with and inspire women and girls to take up the sport; enjoy the game at whatever level they choose to participate and offer a sense of belonging.

I feel that my personal core values such as integrity, honesty, fair play and respect play a fundamental role in the way that I teach and they are integral to the coach that I have become.

- Alex Mollin


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