Tee BirdsTee-Birds

A Ladies Introduction to Golf

The Tee Birds Ladies Golf Society launched January 2015.

'Having joined the Tee-Birds just a few months ago and having had absolutely
no golf experience prior to this I was delighted to have the opportunity to be a
part of a very relaxed and light hearted group.  I have just enjoyed my first ever golf trip with the Tee-Birds and am very happy to say that I am hoping that itwill be the first of many.  My golf may not be brilliant (yet) but with all the encouragement and support from my fellow Tee-Birds I have no doubt that my ability can only go from strength to strength.  Thank you Tee-Birds for a great introduction to life as a lady golfer'.    Michelle - September 2015

Tee Birds Golf Society

Please visit the Tee-Birds Website: http://www.tee-birds.com

Contact us via email: teebirds@jerseygolfcoaching.com



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