Testimonials from some Jersey Golf Coaching clients.

"I have been playing golf for about 10 years now, and it’s a really important part of my life.  I’ve always had lessons and practiced; but only in the last two years has it all started coming together - since working with Alex. It’s not just about hitting the ball with her; it’s about understanding all aspects of the game.  This includes the mental, physical and course management side of things, none of which I was very good at, or understood very well. I needed to see what I was doing wrong so I could visualise it in my swing and Alex has found what works for me.  The Track-man video screencasts were just what I needed, and reliably I get my 4 to 5 minute video follow up with an explanation of the lesson and pointers to help me practice the right things. I can’t recommend Alex highly enough; she involves herself with all aspects of the game, either by teaching or ongoing support. My handicap has come down by two, but most of all, in the annual JLGA championships in May, I became Division 2 champion. None of this would have been possible without Alex - A great big thank you to you Alex and your belief in me”.
Gloria Pallot-Brown, June 2016.

"I wandered down to Alex’ Sunday morning clinic last month just intending to hit some balls and practice my swing in a very relaxed atmosphere. I’ve been playing golf for around 15 years or so and play off a 9 handicap. However I have never been entirely comfortable with my short chipping even after having a lesson or two from other professionals. I mentioned this to Alex and she asked me to play a couple of shots. Within approximately 2.5 seconds she gave me a simple drill. Within another 2.5 seconds I was chipping from the mat like I’d never chipped before. It works on the course too! If that is what I can achieve in such a short period of time just think what you can achieve with a half hour lesson. Don’t take my word for it, book a lesson and improve your game in no time with Alex’ teaching methods. If you’re anything like me you’ll be smiling all the way to the 19th!"
Laura Jeffrey, OffHerTrolley, July 2015

"Well you would be proud - I have just come back from playing my first 9 holes with my husband and son. I hit some great shots (and a couple of bad ones) but I feel I held my own and they were quite shocked! I shot 49, my husband 44 and my son 39 which I thought was really good for my first 9 holes. I hit my 7 wood from the tee onto the green on 2 of the holes which was brilliant. I even won one of the holes where I shot a 4 and they both shot a 5. Thank you so much for everything - I love it!!"
Nikki Langford – Tee Birds, January 2015

"I recently had a golf lesson with Alex Mollin at Jersey Golf Coaching, during which she demo'd the amazing ‘TrackMan’ golf analysis system; a fantastic data system that provides instant feedback on all aspects of the golf swing and ball flight. In no time at all Alex identified areas of my golf swing that needed attention, and with a few new swing thoughts from her I have been able to get my swing path back on track! Alex’s golf knowledge is extensive and her teaching methods are very straightforward and easy to understand. I highly recommend any golfer wishing to improve their game, or even if you are just starting out with golf, to visit Alex at Jersey Golf Coaching - she is an extremely good teaching professional who very quickly understands an individual's ability and then provides simple solutions to work on. Thank you Alex - I look forward very much to booking another lesson with you on my next visit to Jersey."
Di Aitchison, January 2014

“I have been lucky enough to have had many lessons with and indeed worked with some of the top coaches in the country and I can happily put Alex Mollin right at the top of that list. I was so impressed with her knowledge of both the game and the golf swing that I asked her to become one of only 5 global ambassadors for our product – PGA Swing guru. Her dedication to continually learning the latest techniques and styles of coaching make her one of the UKs top PGA qualified coaches. She delivers time after time, group lessons as well as individual male and female lessons. I cannot recommend her services more highly (given that she also did sort my draw – which she called a hook – out!)”
Michael Taylor, Co-Founder and Commercial Director, PGA Swing guru

“After hitting a few balls, Alex was instantly able to identify where I could make improvements in my swing. She gave me a "swing thought" that was technical but easy to work with, taking away the confusion that I had when I was trying to self correct problems. A knowledgable teacher, she offered strong technical explanations while making learning feel effortless and fun. I know I will have to put some work in but I now feel more equipped to correct issues as they arise on the course and I'm looking forward to my next lesson!”
Helena Sumner

“I have been attending golf lessons with Alex Mollin for two months now and in that time I have shaved 20 shots off my average round, thanks entirely to the expert tuition I have received from Alex. I find her lessons fun and always interesting, we vary the parts of my game we work on and I find the way Alex explains things easy to understand and follow. Over the past few weeks I find I’m striking the ball with more consistency and I can’t recommend her highly enough.”
Zac Zachariou

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